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Program of Study (CAS Bulletin)


The department offers a full and varied curriculum in literary history, critical theory, dramatic literature, theatre history, and literary culture. Its courses enable students to immerse themselves in literary works that reflect the values and aspirations of our diverse cultural traditions.

Qualified majors may apply for admission to the honors program in English for an opportunity to do advanced independent work.

The department also offers a minor in English and American Literature.

Students should consult the department's website at registration time for a list of courses that satisfy the requirements outlined below and for more detailed descriptions of the particular courses offered in a given term.

Major in English and American Literature

A minimum of ten 4-point courses (40 points), distributed as follows:

  • Four required core courses. These are Literary Interpretation (ENGL-UA 200), British Literature I (ENGL-UA 210), British Literature II (ENGL-UA 220), and American Literature I (ENGL-UA 230). Note that Literary Interpretation should be the first course taken in the major; it may be taken concurrently with either British Literature I or American Literature I. The department recommends that British Literature I be taken before either British Literature II or American Literature I.
  • One course in critical theories and methods. The following courses may be used to fulfill this requirement: ENGL-UA 130, ENGL-UA 710, ENGL-UA 712, ENGL-UA 715, ENGL-UA 730, ENGL-UA 735, ENGL-UA 749, ENGL-UA 755, ENGL-UA 970.
  • One course in British literature before 1800. The following courses may be used to fulfill this requirement: ENGL-UA 143, ENGL-UA 307-310, ENGL-UA 320, ENGL-UA 400, ENGL-UA 410, ENGL-UA 411, ENGL-UA 415, ENGL-UA 440, ENGL-UA 445, ENGL-UA 450, ENGL-UA 500, ENGL-UA 505, ENGL-UA 510, ENGL-UA 512, ENGL-UA 515, ENGL-UA 717, ENGL-UA 950, ENGL-UA 951-953, ENGL-GA 1060, ENGL-GA 1061.
  • One seminar, usually taken in the senior year. Students must first complete the four core courses to be eligible to enroll in seminars.
The remaining courses may be drawn from any combination of intermediate courses, advanced courses, or seminars.


Minor in English and American Literature: The requirements are Literary Interpretation (ENGL-UA 200), plus at least three additional 4-point courses offered by the department.

Honors Program

The requirements consist of:

  • A senior seminar chosen from ENGL-UA 950, ENGL-UA 951, ENGL-UA 952, ENGL-UA 953, ENGL-UA 954, ENGL-UA 955, ENGL-UA 960, ENGL-UA 961, ENGL-UA 962, ENGL-UA 963, ENGL-UA 964, ENGL-UA 965, ENGL-UA 970, ENGL-UA 971, ENGL-UA 972, ENGL-UA 973, ENGL-UA 974, ENGL-UA 975, ENGL-UA 976
  • A senior thesis, written on a topic of the student's choice in an Individual Tutorial Course (ENGL-UA 925) and directed by a member of the Department of English faculty
  • And a yearlong colloquium for Senior Thesis Writers (ENGL-UA 926).
Students should apply for admission to the honors program when they have no more than four and no fewer than three semesters until graduation. Applications are available on the department's undergraduate website and at the department offices.

Restrictions on Credit Toward the Major and the Minor

Courses used to satisfy requirements for the English major or minor may not be used to satisfy the requirements for any other major or minor. Independent study courses and internships do not count toward any of the department's major or minor programs. Transfer students must complete at least half of the required courses for the major and minor programs at the College. Students must receive a C+ or better in Literary Interpretation (ENGL-UA 200) to proceed with the major.

Study Away

The Department of English encourages its majors to take advantage of NYU's many opportunities for study away. NYU London offers courses that may be used to fulfill major requirements, as well as courses in British politics, creative writing, and the history of British art and architecture. A list of both ENGL-UA and non-ENGL-UA courses offered by the various NYU Study Away programs that may be counted toward specific requirements for the major can be found on the department's website each term. English majors should consult a departmental adviser before making plans to study away.

Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's Program

The English department offers qualified students the opportunity to earn an accelerated master's degree in conjunction with the bachelor's degree. Please see the description of the program in the section on Preprofessional, Accelerated, and Specialized Programs in this Bulletin. Interested students should consult the director of undergraduate studies once they have completed 48 credits. To be considered, students must submit applications to the College Advising Center before they have completed 96 credits or six semesters, whichever comes first.

Student Organization

English and Dramatic Literature Organization (EDLO)
Students organize and manage their own informal discussions, as well as lectures, readings, and parties. All students interested in literature and drama, including nonmajors, are welcome to participate.